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Navratri 2017: Celebrations across different states in India

Navratri 2017: Celebrations across different states in India

Navratri (Nav means nine and Ratri means nights) is a Hindu festival celebrated
for nine nights. According to Hindu calendar, Navratri comes in Ashvin month, which is
generally, falls in the month of September and October. In this year Navratri starts from 21st September 2017. Navratri observed for a different reason either Durga or Rama’s victory over the evil demon, which is depending on the different regions of India. In eastern and northeastern part of India Navratri is celebrated as a victory of Ma Durga on evils and restore dharma whereas in northern and western Indian celebrates the Ram Lilla
and victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. In both cases, the common theme is the victory of Good over Evil in the battle, which gives a lesson to follow the good path in our life.
During these nine days, people celebrate this festival by decorating temples and their
houses too. They decorate scriptures of Lord Rama and Goddess Durga. Different states
of India celebrate Navratri by their traditions and which make these nine days colorful
and spiritual in full country.

This is how Indian celebrates their Navratri in different states according to their

North India

In north India, Navratri is celebrated on the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. During these nine days Ram Lilla is played as drama in all places or cities in north India and it is over on the Tenth day on Dessehra after the death of Ravana. As according to Hindu Mythology, Lord Rama and Ravana fought for 10 days and Ravana was killed by Lord Rama on the 10th day of this battle. Many people did fasting during this period of Navratri. In Rajasthan and Haryana Hindu decorate their walls by placing Goddess Sanjhi on their walls.
Eastern India and West Bengal.

West Bengal and eastern India

Navratri is celebrated as a Durga Puja festival. Durga puja is very important and annual festival for Bengalis. They decorate thousands of stages and pandals in Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Asam. Durga puja is celebrated as the victory of Goddess Durga on buffalo demon (Mahishasura). They perform various dance and ritual events during these nine days of Navratri. Many women colored their faces by sindoor and perform durga dance on Durga Puja. They also prepare various sweet as a prashad of Ma Durga.


In Gujarat also Navratri is celebrated as a main festival of Hindu. Guajarati tradition
includes wearing traditional dresses and performing Garba during Navratri. Many
tourists visit Gujarat in Navratri season to enjoy Garba. Gujarati prepare Gujarati dishes
and enjoy whole nine days with traditional songs and dance.


In Goa, Hindu place nine varieties of food grains inside the sanctum sanctorum of Devi
and Krishna in temples. Nine nights of Navratriis celebrates by playing traditional songs.
And on last night of Navratri they perform Maha Arati of Goddess Durga.


In kerla and Karnataka three days of Navratri; Ashtami, navmi and Vijaya Dashami are
celebrate as Sarasvati Puja and vijyadhashami is known as vidyaranbham which
initiated for children to writing and reading

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