National Voter’s Day observes today; PM Modi and other ministers greets Indians

National Voter’s Day observes today; PM Modi and other ministers greets Indians
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Today, India observed National Voters Day across the country. On 25t January, the government of India commemorate the National Voters day in order to encourage young voters to take part hugely in the political process of the nation. It was started in 2011by the government of India to mark Election Commission’s foundation day. National Voters day is also known as Rashtriya Matdata Diwas. It is the national day to celebrate democracy and right to vote of India. The eighth Nationals Voter’s day is marked by the government of India today.

On the eve of national voters day, the government spread awareness among the voters for the effective participation in the election process. Election Commission aims to increase the number of voters especially young voters through the celebration of National Voters Day. Election Commission of India is the autonomous constitutional body which is responsible for administering the election process in India. The election commission of India is founded in 1950. It is the organisation which administers the voting process of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State legislatures, Offices of the President and Vice President. Various ministers and the party leaders are extending their greeting to the nation on this National Voters Day.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted Indians and the election commission on the National Voter day. He tweeted “Greetings to everyone on this National Voters day and congratulated the election commission of India which was founded on this day. Also, the Congress party extended its greetings to the Indian on National Voters Day. Along with PM Modi, various other ministers of BJP and Congress party extended greetings to Indians on the social media sites. It is the auspicious day for the election commission of India as well as the Indians. Today’s day celebrated to expand the number of voters as well as to mark the foundation day of the Election commission.

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