National Technology day, a day to remember the Pokhran nuclear tests in 1998

National Technology day, a day to remember the Pokhran nuclear tests in 1998

National Technology Day, is celebrated on May 5 2018 to remember the astonishing achievement of India, as it was able to successfully complete the nuclear test at Pokhran, in 1998 on the same day. It became etched on the history of the nation. Air craft, Hansa 3 flew from Bangalore on this day, and the army also successfully tested the trishul missile. The first test for the nuclear missile which had a secret name, Smiling Buddha, occurred in May 1974. The second attempt was carried out in May 1998, with five consecutive blasts at the desert each named “Shakti”.  By 1998, India had become the sixth country in the world to successfully test a nuclear weapon. The day is also important because it seeks to understand the importance of science and technology in the lives of people, and how it can be utilized in a more positive manner, which will help all people of the nation.

National Technology day can be celebrated by variety of ways, primarily, it is meant to remember a historic even, which is still not widely known, and to praise all the people who were involved in the mission, including, Ex Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajapayee.

Schools usually hold different events that deal with sciences and technology, like competitions that seek to propagate a more practical understanding in them, with the help of science. Other organizations also hold debates about the future of sciences and technology, and how it can used to can be used for development of the country and people.

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