National Girl Child Day observes today across India

National Girl Child Day observes today across India

Every year India celebrates National Girl Child day on 24th January 2018. It is the day observes for the girl child. It is started to offer new opportunities and support to the girls of India. The National girl child is observed to create awareness among people to save girl child and enhance girls education in the society. It has started as the National girl’s development mission by the government of India. The National Girl child government mission is to support girl child and to raise the awareness among people about all the inequalities faced by the girl child across the country.

The inequality which has been faced by the girl’s child in India since a decades are education, nutrition, legal rights, protection, child marriage, honour and such as. Now, the Indian government are prompting to vanish these inequalities practised by the Indians across the country. So, on the eve of National Girl Child day, various events were organised across the country by the schools, NGO’s and the governmental organisation to celebrate the rights of girls. On this day India government emphasis on promoting girls position in the society. The National Girl Child day has been started by the Women and Child Development Ministry in 2008 since it celebrated as the national day across India.

With this campaign, Indian Government has highlighted the inequalities towards girls of our society. Also, the government runs various advertisements on the TV channels, local newspapers and radio stations to commemorate this day. And they also extend “Save the Girl Child” message. It is the auspicious day for all the girl child across India. On this prominent day for a girl child, everyone is extending their wishes to all the girl child across the country. From Ministers to Celebrities to Sports personalities are marking this day with their sweet messages to a girl child.

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