Nasa’s Hubble finds galaxy with stellar birth, 30 million light years from earth

Nasa’s Hubble finds galaxy with stellar birth, 30 million light years from earth

Nasa’s Hubble while doing a Legacy ExtraGalactic UV Survey (LEGUS) survey , found 50 nearby star forming galaxies. Sample obtained by LEGUS was chosen to observe  galactic morphological, star formation rates, galaxy masses and more. Space geeks and astronomers use samples and data to understand the formation of clusters of stars, along with its effect on galaxy and rest of the universe. As per NASA , ESO 486-21(Name assigned to the newly found galaxy) was a right candidate for sampling due to birth of newly formed stars, which are created when large clouds of gas and dust (can be seen in the image) within the galaxy crumple inwards upon themselves.

Recently NASA was in news because of its discovery of Dead Disk galaxy, a galaxy which stopped creating new stars just after few billions of birth.

two spiral galaxies, Left one blue and pink, right one smaller and yellow

Hubble played a major part in the discovery , which was combined with the power of natural lens leading to discovery. Discovery was hailed as a big question mark on earlier theories of galaxy evolution.

Hubble is a space telescope , launched in low level earth orbit in 1990. It is one of the largest and most versatile telescope, helping astronomers and researchers in fact finding mission of universe existence.

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