NASA Releases Smog Images of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Pakistan

NASA Releases Smog Images of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Pakistan

NASA has released images taken by NASA’s Aqua satellite showing smog in Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab. The Haze has enveloped much in north India and Pakistan. The poisoning air chokes the Delhi and neighboring states, Punjab and Haryana. As the arrival of this winter, the smoke is mixed with dust and fog and form particularly thick haze. The NASA images show how Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and states of Pakistan is covered in haze and fog. These images were captured on NASA’s Aqua satellite by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS). Air Quality Index stayed in ‘Hazardous’ category in Delhi on Thursday morning with the AQI 799 in some areas. As per the report of pollution level index on Thursday, the pollutant PM10 levels in Punjabi Bagh had reached its maximum level 999. While in ITO region of Delhi the of pollution level is 766.

“Public health emergency” is declared by the Indian Medical Association had declared a ” and they also appealed to the government to stop outdoor sports to protect the health of children from this hazardous air.

Arvind Kejriwal said for Delhi pollution, “The high increase in PM levels in Delhi is not just due to local reasons, people & govt of Delhi are ready to take all steps but these steps will not be enough until a solution to crop burning is found.” He also said that everyone has to take a step to solve this problem of air pollution.

Images of NASA’s Aqua satellite 

nasaNASA image of smog delhi pollution


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