Narendra Modi’s fast to protest against the Parliament session disturbances

Narendra Modi’s fast to protest against the Parliament session disturbances
Written by Abhishek Rana

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, has announced that he will be observing a day long fast in the protest against the disruption that is being caused in Parliament by the opposition parties. This seems like a sly political move that is in contract to the much talked about and mocked fast that was observed by the congress party a day before yesterday at Rajghat, Delhi. Rahul Gandhi had been on fast for quite a short span of time, in protest of the alleged unfairness of the government against the dalit community in relation to the SC/ST act. However, the act itself was mocked on Twitter, as people pointed out that being hungry for a 5-6 hours a day isn’t considered a fast but is something normal people do in their daily lives.

Along with Modi, Amit Shah is also going to observe the fast today. Attempts are being made to make the movement of this fasting act universal, as hashtag Fast with Modi began to trend quite early in the morning, with people being asked to change their display picture to a note, that said, “I am on Fat on 12th April”.

This is surely a unique way to make a difference in the lenses of the media and the public, by including others in the act. There is no indication if Modi’s decision is going to make any impact on the situation, but it is a way to grab the attention of people.


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