Narendra Modi speaks about Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections

Narendra Modi speaks about Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections

Narendra Modi has spoken about the Gujarat and Himachal elections and the BJP party’s victory in both of the states. In his speech, Modi said that the victory of his party was a triumph for the good governance that is served by it, and all the workers in the BJP. He thanked the people of Himachal and Gujarat, for their affection and support and promised that he is not going to leave any stone unturned for the development of the states. BJP’s winning two states is one of the greatest achievement’s for the party, and an example of its domination all around India.

Amit Shah was also enthusiastic about BJP’s triumph and was also thankful to the citizens of the states that cast their votes in the favor of the party. He also seem to take a dig against the Congress party, saying, “This is the victory of development over dynasty and polarization.”

As the victors celebrate their accomplishments, it is curious that Rahul Gandhi is still mum about the loss of Congress in both of the states. BJP has government in 19 states of India, which is quite staggering, when one thinks that how much the Congress was dominating the map before Narendra Modi became the prime minister of the country.

The campaigning for the elections in Gujarat have been mired in controversies from the start of the November, when every other politician who was contesting for a seat was trying to put down or insult the member of the opposition. Narendra Modi was called “Neech”, or a low person from Ravi Shankar Aiyer of Congress party whereas Alpesh Yadav said that the prime minister eats 80 thousand worth of mushrooms to keep his face glowing and white.

Hardik Patel’s involvement with the Congress party also raised a lot of eyebrows, but it did not result in any kind of big shift in the vote count, thus, tipping the favor in BJP’s side.


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