Narendra Modi in Mysuru, challenges Rahul Gandhi, calls him Naamdaar

Narendra Modi in Mysuru, challenges Rahul Gandhi, calls him Naamdaar
Written by Abhishek Rana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at a rally in Karnataka, and began with the explanation that the BJP party is creating a strong impact on the state, and he has been hearing about it in the capital. He then dedicated the day to the hard working people of the country, since it is Labours Day. But, it didn’t take much time before he started attacking Congress Leader, Rahul Gandhi, and accused him of insulting the labourers of the country, and told him to stop fooling the nation, and start listening to his mother, Sonia Gandhi. He asked the Congress party, their contribution to the state, and said that in 2014, 39 villages didn’t have access to electricity, but BJP completed this challenge and now all of them have been electrified.

The accusations didn’t stop here, though, he then launched a complete verbal attack, as he continued, noting that Rahul Gandhi had recently challenged that if he started speaking on the Rafale issue in Parliament, then Modi will be left completely speechless. To counter this, Modi challenged him to speak for 15 minutes about the accomplishments of the Congress party in Karanataka, without the help of a piece of paper.

The Prime Minister called Rahul Gandhi, Naamdaar, and that people like him, Kaamdaar, can’t sit with Gandhi, because the latter has a penchant for looking down on such people. Sometime after the speech, Congress party retaliated with a news report, claiming that BJP is lying about the over all electrification of the villages in India.

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