Narendra Modi on Mudra Yojana, 12 crore people have benefited from the scheme

Narendra Modi on Mudra Yojana, 12 crore people have benefited from the scheme

Prime Minister Naredra Modi today talked about the Mudra Yojana with the people who had received its benefits. The scheme was launched in 2015, and looks to encourage small business’s by granting them loans up to ten lakhs. The scheme is only for the benefit non profit and non farming endeavors only. Modi reminded an amount of 6 lakh crores has been provided to 12 crore people, which has been essential for their success and progress. 75% of the population that received the money is comprised of young generation and women. He interacted with people who have been affected positively by the scheme. He pointed out that the scheme has helped in creating new jobs for people through the prospering businesses.

People from Nasik, Maharashtra told him that the grant has helped them in their business, while a tea seller in Assam told the Prime Minister that the scheme helped him immensely in broadening his business. He noted that people have faced the problems with licenses since the British Raj, but the scheme has made it easier for them to begin their business and strengthen it by reaching out to wider buyers and sellers. The stories of these people have touched him, and Modi said that he will continue to interact with them to spread their stories and celebrate their achievements.

Modi also revealed that an additional 6 lakh people are also going to benefit from the scheme. He mentioned the time when the Finance Minister had to phone people to pass loans for businessmen, which only caused damage to small projects, but now, with the help of the scheme, they have overcome this obstacle. He expressed happiness at the success and achievements of people whom the scheme has made self sufficient.

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