Narendra Modi meets Chinese Preisdent Xi Jinping, Congress mocks

Narendra Modi meets Chinese Preisdent Xi Jinping, Congress mocks

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the Chinese President Xi Jinping today in Hubei. They are meeting for an informal summit, meaning, there won’t be any agreements between the two countries, also, the two won’t hold a joint press conference for any announcement. Just before the meet, the Congress party made fun of the Prime Minister, by starting a poll, in which it asked if he is going to discuss the Doklam conflict with the Chinese leader, but in the option, instead of putting yes or no, they wrote, “Clicking selfies” and “Hugging”. However, the ceremony of the meeting between the two began with a cultural program that took place in the Hubei Provincial Museum, as the two leaders stood watching the dancers dressed in pink.

Then, after the dance, the two were seen having a one to one talk with each other, with the help of interpreters. The leaders are then going to have dinner. Narendra Modi is staying Hotel Wanda Reign, which is situated in Huangpu, China.

The two leaders are going to continue their one-to-one interactions tomorrow, at 10 AM, and will also take part in dinner at the East Lake place. The meeting is significant because of the conflict between the INDO-CHINA armies last year, when they locked into eye into a silent glaring at Doklam.

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