Narendra Modi in Koppal, Karnataka, attacks Congress blames their caste based politics

Narendra Modi in Koppal, Karnataka, attacks Congress blames their caste based politics
Written by Abhishek Rana

Narendra Modi attacked the Congress party and the CM of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, during his speech in Koppal, Karnataka. He began by saying that people attended his rally because they want a good change to come to their state, and support him in the party’s mission to reform the area. He then added that, the citizen’s of Karnataka are not only going to make Congress party taste defeat, but also not let them rule anything for 5 year, thus throwing them into a political inactivity jail. He asked the people, if the opposition party has ever done anything for the farmers of the state, and accused the ministers of performing politics in Delhi rather than concentrating the situation at their homes.

He challenged the opposition to name one minister who doesn’t have charges of corruption against him or her in the state. He went further with his accusations, and told the public that the congress party is trying to divide the state by using tools of religion and caste, but they will fail because this the land of Lord Basaveshwara,  who wanted to accumulate everyone together but congress isn’t going to let that happen.

Bringing the name again, he said that he was mocked when he announced the “Swacha Bharat” scheme, by the Naamdaars, meaning the people who are privileged and can’t under the difficulties of poor people, or those from humble backgrounds. About protecting the girl child, he said it was their motto, and also announced another slogan, namely, “Beta Beti Ek Samaaj”.


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