Narendra Modi in Indonesia, condemns terrorist attacks in the country

Narendra Modi in Indonesia, condemns terrorist attacks in the country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has visited Indonesia to discuss bilateral cooperation with President Joko Widodo. Indonesia is the first country that Modi has chosen to visit as a part of his three country tour. He is also going to travel to Singapore and Malaysia with the aspiration to strengthen the relationship between the countries in accordance with Act East Policy. Delegation talks were held between the two leaders at the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta, and afterward, Modi gave a statement for the media. He stated that India is going to stand with Indonesia in its fight with Terrorists, and attempts to eradicate terror. He condemned the recent attacks in the country which caused loss of lives.

He said that both countries will have to help each other in their quest for development, and are going to double the trade between each other. The two countries are together with Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. He also mentioned that  India-ASEAN is an essential power which is going to help restore peace, not only in Indo-Pacific region but also beyond it.

PM Modi received an enthusiastic reception in Indonesia, and acknowledged it in tweets. He’d previously said that both countries are multi cultural, multi religious, and open societies, he hoped that his visit is going to create a stronger bond between the two countries.


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