Narendra Modi to inaugurate new Metro line, from Botanical garden to Kalkaji, South Delhi

Narendra Modi to inaugurate new Metro line, from Botanical garden to Kalkaji, South Delhi
Written by Abhishek Rana

People are probably going to find some kind of relief while traveling from Metro, from Noida to Delhi, as Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate a new, Magenta Metro Line from Botanical garden to Kalkaji, South Delhi. The time interval between the two destinations will be twenty minutes, which is very fast for the Metro travel, and the price of ticket will be Rs 30 against Rs 50, which is still affordable if one wants to reach the destination quickly. There will be 9 stations between the Botanical Garden and Kalkaji Mandir, and the trains will run on a time interval of 5 minutes initially.

The Metro is being called a Christmas gift for the public, and will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister tat 5 PM on 25 December. On Friday, the DMRC scheduled a quick tour for the media and showcased the sleek Metro trains along with each and every available thing on the station, from the seats outside the platform to ticket vending machines at the floor below.

The new trains can run without the assistance of a driver, but it will be two more year before that feature can be made available to the public. The seats inside the train will be colored red, and backrests will also be available for people who have to stand for the journey. DMRC has also provided with screen doors for all the nine stations, something the only provided for the Airport station before.

The look of the Magenta line train is also very good looking, as it does seem more stylish and elegant to the eyes. The initial views inside the train have all been positive, so its more than probable that people are going to enjoy their rides and won’t have to complain about being let for their work than usual.

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