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Narendra Modi fierce attack on Congress-Gandhians ahead of Gujarat elections

Narendra Modi fierce attack on Congress-Gandhians ahead of Gujarat elections

Narendra Modi on Monday attacked Congress fiercely to fight the election on the agenda of development. In the Gandhinagar speech PM Modi affirms that this election for BJP is the battle of Vikasvad the pro-development agenda and for them, it is the battle of Vanshvad or the nepotism battle. And he said that Amit Shah is the man of the match of the BJP’s victories. Overall in his speech, PM Modi targetted Congress and the Gandhians family alleging that they always disliked Gujarat and Gujaratis. PM Modi also claimed that victorious battle will emerge in Gujarat.

However, BJP and Congress both the parties have started with the campaigning in Gujarat for the upcoming elections. And as usual, they are targetting or blaming each other for the development agenda. PM Modi defended his GST the new national sales tax decision that criticised by the opposition as a major cause of the economic slowdown. He said Congress opposed BJP to implement various schemes. In the wake of explaining this BJP gave the example of water supply in North Gujarat. He said the Congress government of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot opposed the water supply to North Gujarat.

With this speech, PM Modi tries to gain the sympathy of voters by blaming Congress government in many ways. And Ahead of the elections both the parties campaigning in Gujarat with different motives of development and to set agenda of development. And the Gujarat elections to be conducted before 18th December 2017.

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