Narendra Modi in Chitradurga, Karnataka, accuses Congress of insulting Dr. BR Ambedkar

Narendra Modi in Chitradurga, Karnataka, accuses Congress of insulting Dr. BR Ambedkar
Written by Abhishek Rana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his campaign in Karnataka, for the assembly elections. Today he spoke in Chitradurga before numerous BJP supporters and the crowd that comprised of the general public. He attacked the opposition party, Congress from the beginning, saying that it insulted Chitradurga because of the celebrations that were held to honor the anniversary of Sultans. He praised Chitradurga by saying that it is a place where Science and Technology are flourishing. He also reminded the people that ISRO’s Chandrayan 2 is going to launch from Chitradurga, which is an achievement for the state and all the people who have worked on the project.

He also lauded the farmers who have worked on the soil of the city, since it is not very arable, but the hardworking farmers have made innovations and turned their difficulties around to take advantage of the discoveries. He brazenly added that the Congress party has been playing with the emotions of the people just for the sake of politics and vote bank.

He accused Congress of insulting Dr. B.R Ambedkar, because they didn’t present Bharat Ratna to him, since the award was reserved for only one family when the party was in ruling position. Siddaramaiah, the Chief Minister of Karnataka tweeted after Modi’s speech, that the Dalit community doesn’t need empty promises, and what they need is empowerment and dignity. He also challenged the Prime Minister if he is ever going to make the Dalit’s have a proper life and necessities that they deserve.


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