Narendra Modi attacks Salman Nizami’s comments on him and Kashmir

Narendra Modi attacks Salman Nizami’s comments on him and Kashmir

Narendra Modi has now attacked Salman Nizami’s comments on him and Kashmir. Salman, who works in Congress party and is reportedly an aide to Rahul Gandhi had written in his since deleted tweets, asking who was Modi’s father, mother and his sacrifice for India, while also mentioning Rahul Gandhi’s parents and their achievements. He had also written vaguely threatening tweets about freeing Kashmir. As expected, his tweets have now generated a lot of controversy and have also pointed against Rahul’s direction. Narendra Modi, in his rally in Gujarat, attacked the comments made on him, and said, that Nizami could have talked about Rahul Gandhi’s parents but why did he, how could he disrespect his parents by asking who they are and what they have sacrificed for their country.

Modi said that the kind of language used by Nizami shouldn’t be used even for someone’s enemy. He also questioned Nizami’s comments on calling the Indian Army “Rapists” and his tweets about freeing Kashmir. Nizami had also said that there will be an Afzal from every home in Kashmir, referring to the terrorist Afzal Guru. Such tweets now seem to have been deleted but they put the Congress party in a very bad light.

Rajiv Shukla, from Congress, however has denied having any knowledge about Nizami and said that he doesn’t hold any sort of important position in the party. He, in turn said that maybe this is just another of BJP’s ploy to land Congress and Rahul Gandhi in trouble and make them lose their votes in Gujarat by inciting the belief of people.

Nizami’s comments have stoked controversy, and are now being discussed by people and news channels. His involvement in the Congress party is also being questioned, as he is the leader of the youth department of the party and how much influence he has over the members.


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