Nakam Arvind Kejriwal Sarkar, Akshay Kumar critices Delhi Government for Poor Administration

Nakam Arvind Kejriwal Sarkar, Akshay Kumar critices Delhi Government for Poor Administration
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Delhi chief minister again in the news today but this time not for Bad air quality index but because of Bollywood star Akshay’s Tweets. Today Akshay Kumar Tweets on the poor administration of Delhi Government. He reminds Delhi Government of their promises before coming to the power. The shelter for homeless is one of the commitments from the Arvind Kejriwal leads Aam Aadmi Party. But in the span of only 12 days, 91 people died of cold in the national Capital. At present, there are 251 shelters present in Delhi.

According to Delhi Urban Shelter improvement board (DUSIB), the night occupancy in these shelters (251) on 14 December 2017 is 10202. In the latest information shared by DUSIB. The rescue report says Total Complaints received through APP / Phone Call till date: 76, Attended: 76, Total Rescued: 60, Refused to Shift: 49, Homeless Not Found: 02, Apart from above, 20 Rescue Teams have shifted, 2979 homeless, to the Nearest Night Shelters since from starting to till date. 
In the other tweet, Akshay Kumar blames Education department of Delhi Government. The actor said that one third Government schools of Delhi offer Science. Though the social media, Akshay shares the Disreputable position of the National Capital’s running school, where very few schools offer science stream and student are being forced to opt for other streams or travel long distances to other schools or move to private schools.

The tweet raises the question, on the Education system of Delhi government schools and to the Deputy Cheif Minister Manish Sisodia. As he often visits foreign lands, to study the Education systems of Foreign countries. But in the absence of Primary education how will Delhi government implement Europe model is itself raises Questions on Delhi government education policies. As per the RTI, During Manish Sisodia visit to Australia, An amount of Rs 11,07,475 was spent for the tour. The purpose of the visit was to study VAT / GST systems followed there.

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