N.Korea condemns Tokyo, Seoul over latest UN sanctions

N.Korea condemns Tokyo, Seoul over latest UN sanctions

North Korea has condemned Japan and South Korea for their support of the US and the new sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council (UNSC), the North Korean media said.

In a statement released on Wednesday night, a spokesperson for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee stressed the need to strike “a telling blow” on Japan, which “has not yet come to its senses after the launch of ICBM over the Japanese archipelago”, and threatened to sink Japan into the sea with “the nuclear bomb of Juche”, state news agency KCNA said, Efe news reported

Pyongyang fired a mid-range ballistic missile on August 29 that flew over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido before landing in the Pacific Ocean.

The North Korean committee also accused Seoul of being “traitors” and “dogs of the US” for the South Korean government’s support for US-backed tougher sanctions on their “fellow countrymen”.

“The group of pro-American traitors should be severely punished and wiped out with fire attack so that they could no longer survive”, said the statement, adding “only then, the entire Korean nation can thrive in a reunified territory”.

Pyongyang also said it was “enraged” by the neighbouring countries that showed support for the new sanctions imposed by the UNSC on Monday.

The Kim Jong-un regime accused the UN body of becoming “a tool of evil which does not ensure global peace and security but ruthlessly wrecks them”.

“The UNSC is made up of those unprincipled countries and, accordingly, such a useless tool should be disbanded at once,” the statement concluded.

The UN Security Council on Monday imposed a new package of sanctions on North Korea aimed at further stifling its economy after Pyongyang detonated a hydrogen bomb on September 3, its sixth and most powerful weapon test to date.

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