Mumbai’s First AC Local Train to starts From Andheri, on December 25

Mumbai’s First AC Local Train to starts From Andheri, on December 25
The suburban railway service is called the lifeline of Mumbai and every day more than 65 lakh people travel through it. Officials say that the plan to start the AC vehicle was from one year. On December 25 Railways will unveil the first air-conditioned suburban trains for Mumbai commuters. It has been 150 years since the first suburban local was hauled by a steam engine in 1867. The first run of AC train will start at 2.10 pm from Andheri and reach Churchgate at 2.44 pm. The Western Railway Board fixed the fares for the commuters of air-conditioned Mumbai local train, which will be set at 1.3 times the current first class fare. The fare includes 5% GST and other applicable charges. The current fare for the single journey of the first class from Churchgate to Bandra is Rs 70, while the fare from Churchgate to Virar and from Churchgate to Borivali Rs 170 and Rs 140 respectively.
The coaches of this AC train is Manufactured by the Integral Coach Factory, Chennai. It has fully air-conditioned air-suspension coaches which have the capacity of carrying nearly 6,000 commuters. For the safety of passengers, railways introduced automatic door opening-closing system. Advanced GPS-based passenger information systems are also there in the train. The speed limit is set up to 100 km per hour, air-tight vestibules connect all 12 coaches, other modern amenities and latest safety features for commuters are make the train more convenient.
Western Railway also giving 10 percent introductory discount to the passengers for the first six months, resulting in costing 1.2 times the single journey first class. Additionally, the Monthly seasonal ticket fare of local AC train will be near to the 10 days single journey ticket. The Mumbai suburban train network’s AC local project was first announced in the rail Budget of 2012-13. However, the first rake for this project local AC train arrived in Mumbai in April 2017 and also costed of Rs 54 crore.

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