Mumbai Rains, water clogged in Cobala, and Santa Cruz, trains delayed at Sion station

Mumbai Rains, water clogged in Cobala, and Santa Cruz, trains delayed at Sion station

Heavy downpour in Mumbai have adversely affected Mumbai, and has also caused water logging in different parts of Mumbai. The Indian Meterological Department had warned that the city could expect heavy lashes of rain to continue in the coming days. South Mumbai’s Cobala and Santa Cruz, have suffered rainfall that ranges from 90 mm and 195 mm. Water logging has been reported in Sion station, which led to delay of 7 minutes. Water has also reached flooding levels in places like, Milan Subway in Santacruz, Siddhart Hospital in Goregaon and Filter Pada and Moraji Nagar in Powai. As the rains continue their assault on the city, the Mumbai Police has stated on its twitter page that traffic has Khar subway in Santacruz.

The whole city seems to have been taken by water everywhere, as parts of Chembur are reportedly flooded, and people are now experiencing difficulty in trans-versing through roads, as the water clogs the passages.

A wall collapsed in Antop Hill, Wadala, and cars were swept down with the mud and debris. However, no casualties were reported at the site. The work to get the vehicle out of the wreck is being carried out. A tree fell at  Krishna Sanghi Junction, causing traffic on the Girgoan Chowpatty. The rains have become a major problem for people who have to travel to their offices and then back to their homes, as the roads are clogged and the trains take time to arrive and depart. All this causes much strain on people, and it can also cause accidents and mishaps, as seen above, where people are hurt. It is advisable that people remain in their homes, until the water level comes down and the situation is under control, so that they can venture outside safely. And if there’s an emergency, they should their family members about their whereabouts.

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