Mumbai rains 2017: See what Bollywood celebrities have to say about Mumbai weather

Mumbai rains 2017: See what Bollywood celebrities have to say about Mumbai weather

Mumbai rains have always been a matter of tension for the people of Mumbai as it witnesses the heaviest rain in the entire season. This time too the same thing took place and Mumbai gasped in waist deep water and the city was also devastated by floods. The Mumbai Police took to their Twitter account to give minute by minute details to the people who are struck outside their house. It was also been reported that many places of Mumbai are also facing the problem of water-logging which is not-enabling the commuters to move and also creating traffic on roads.

This year the city is said to experience nine times more of the usual rains. Typhoon like weather has left the roads flooded, freezing and making the conditions worse for the people, trains and also flights at the Mumbai Airport. The rains have become disastrous instead of enjoyable for the people of Mumbai as reports of trees falling and blocking the roads have also come up recently.

A few hours ago, the Twitter account of Mumbai police informed the people of Mumbai that the city will be hit by High tide of 3.32 mts and people were advised to avoid waterfronts,sitting on tetrapods or on promenades as it rained ceaselessly with the people of Mumbai being hugely affected by the rains, the celebrities residing in the city have also victim of the same and they have Tweeted about it too

With the people struck in their houses or workplaces, it is really appreciable on the part of the Mumbai Police that they are handling the situation in a very controlled manner without any hassle.

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