Mumbai, A part of Gokhale Bridge collapses in Andheri, trains delayed

Mumbai, A part of Gokhale Bridge collapses in Andheri, trains delayed

A part of Gokhale bridge collapsed at Andheri Station in Mumbai this morning, because of heavy, unrelenting downpour and traffic that overpowered it and led to its falling away on the ground. Gokhale Bridge is an important means of transport, as it connects Andheri East and Andheri West stations. The part of the bridge tore away at 7:30 AM, and took a tangle of wires down with it too. The effect of the collapse was immediate, as the traffic had to be stopped, and commuters were stuck in traffic as far as 3 Kilometers down the roads. The educational institutions, schools and Colleges have been closed because students can’t reach them on time as the repair work begins at the site.

Mumbai has been assaulted by heavy rains and the Meteorological department of India has predicted that it is going to experience torrential rain for the next 48 hours. A National Disaster Response Force has reached the site, and are going to begin constructing another means for people to travel through it, and to their destinations.

Mumbai Rains have resulted in water clogging in various regions across the city, and has caused much disruption in the daily lives of people. And now, the collapse of Gokhale Bridge is only going to reinforce discomfort for the residents for days to come. People are advised to stay at home and not venture outside in bad weather, there is a high possibility of road accidents and as evidenced by the collapse of the bridge, it is likely that more softer infrastructure is going to fall under the weight as the rain continues to batter it. The government is being heavily criticized for its inaction and the situation that has caused much loss to the property and the time of people who were going to their work in the morning.


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