Mumbai: Four-storey building collapses in Zaveri Bazaar

Mumbai: Four-storey building collapses in Zaveri Bazaar

The front portion of a four-storey building in Zaveri Bazaar collapsed, at 2:30 pm. The portion collapsed on people who were repairing it, and they were lost in the rubble as it crashed down on them. The fire tenders have been called, and are trying to shovel every bit of concrete to pull the people who have been stuck inside the rubble. 2 people have been reported missing while one has been injured in the accident. The task to pull the injured out is still going on, but reportedly, the building was in a very bad condition and was vulnerable, but the repair was going on, when the accident happened.

It isn’t exactly clear if the building was so downtrodden that it was going to collapse anyway or if it was a freak accident that happened swiftly and suddenly, taking everyone by surprise. Either, way, such incidents should be overseen by the government, as people are now voicing their concern over the fact that such building should be overseen by officials, and if there is something wrong with their architecture and which could be seen as a danger to the life of people, it should either be demolished or repaired from the ground up.

The story is still developing, and no casualties have been reported yet, but the injuries caused to people aren’t reported to be too serious. After the accident, people gathered around the site and tried to shovel the debris themselves until more help arrived. The police and other authorities arrived at the site as people began to help clear the way, and the fire tenders were called to save the men. No surrounding building was hurt and there was no other additional damage to other buildings or property surrounding the site of the collapse.

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