Mumbai Farmers’ Protest, Farmers could meet Chief Minister Fadnavis at afternoon

Mumbai Farmers’ Protest, Farmers could meet Chief Minister Fadnavis at afternoon

Mumbai roads were washed in read, as farmers decided to come together for protest at the Azad Maidan, which is situated in south Mumbai today morning. They’re going to hold a peaceful protest by surrounding the Assembly complex and demand that their wishes be approved. The farmers need an unconditional waiver and the transfer of forest land back to the tribal farmers, who have spent their lives tilling it for years for the gain of others. Before coming to Azad Maidan, the farmers had held camp at KJ Somaiya Ground, which is in Sion Aread. The protest has been organized by All India Kisan Sabha, which has accumulated the support of at least 30 thousand farmers for its mission.

Not only the members of the Manch, but even the Mumbai citizens have lend their support for the farmers, and even the social media has been flooding with messages for them and pleas for the government to listen to the demands. The main reason for the farmer’s protest is that they feel the Government didn’t hold up its promises to it.

The farmers intend to protest until their demands are met by the government, but there is no indication when it might be. Aam Aadmi party from Maharashtra has already lent its support for the farmers, as it tweeted today. The farmers are only eating ground nuts. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has now said that it is going to give 20 mobile toilets in support of the farmers, and even the toilets that are situated near the ground have been told to not charge the farmers who come to use it in time.

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