Mumbai Bandh: clash between Dalit and Maratha community turns violent

Mumbai Bandh: clash between Dalit and Maratha community turns violent
Written by Abhishek Rana

Clashes between dalit and Maratha communities swiftly became violent after the death of a person, during the celebrations of British Army’s victory over the Peshwa Bajirao’s 2 army in the Koregaon Bhima village. The violence erupted shockingly, as people took to the streets and protested the death of the youth, who was killed in the struggle. As the violence escalated, twenty five vehicles were burned down and over fifty vehicles were damaged. The situation quickly got out of hand, as people from both the communities began to clash between each other and created a volatile situation in the state.

The reason of the clash seems to be the celebration of the victory of British forces, because the Dalit leaders believe that the people who were involved in the army should be celebrated for their bravery. This celebration flies into the face of Maratha community, which feels that it is their duty to protect the honor of the legacy of Peshwa Bajirao and they protested it.

The escalating situation seems to have made the shop owners in chembur to close up shops and people have blocked the roads as the protest.

NCP chief Sharad Pawar has pleaded with the communities to not turn violent towards each other, and that no leader should spout out vitriolic speeches right now because it will only make the situation worse and the violence will get out of hand.

“Since the administration did not take precautions, rumours and misunderstanding spread. A youth in Nanded died unfortunately. People from political and social field should defuse the situation harmoniously and patiently without making provocative speeches,” the former Union minister commented on the situation.

CM Devendra Fadnavis has now ordered an inquiry into the death of the youth, and promised a 10 Lakh compensation to the family of the dead youth.


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