Moshe returns to India, Mumbai, 9 years after Parents’ Death In 26/11 Attacks

Moshe returns to India, Mumbai, 9 years after Parents’ Death In 26/11 Attacks
Written by Abhishek Rana

Nine years after his parents were shot dead by the terrorists who attacked Mumbai on 26/11, Moshe Holtzberg has returned to India, Mumbai. Moshe had been scheduled to visit India when he turned 13 years old, but Narendra Modi sent him a personal invite during his tour to Israel last year. Sandra Samuel, his Nanny, has accompanied him to the nation. She had run out with him to safety, as the terrorists came into the habad House. Rabbi Israel Kozlovsky, the head of Chabad House spoke about Moshe’s visit, “This visit to Nariman House for him is very, very emotional. And it’s very, very sensitive. We are very excited to meet Moshe, who’s not a baby anymore but will always remain a baby in our hearts.”

Moshe will visit the Chabad house on Thursday, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be opening inaugurating a memorial for his parents and all others who lost their lives in the terrorist assault.

Natanyahu is on a six day visit to India and has been touring the nation with Narendra Modi. His visit is seen as another example of India’s effort to make friends with nations across the world.

Moshe left India after the attacks and has been living with his Grandparents, at Afula, which is situated in northern Israel. There has been no drastic change on Moshe’s personality or his characteristics after the attack, and he seems to be a normal child who survived one of the most harrowing experienced in his infanthood. The 26/11 Attacks terror attacks were one of the most shocking and harrowing terror attacks in India, and claimed 166 lives, including the 6 terrorists who had mercilessly murdered people and not spared anyone.

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