Monsoon Session: Shiv Sena abstain from voting on No Confidence motion

Monsoon Session: Shiv Sena abstain from voting on No Confidence motion

Shiv Sena finally responded to the speculations if its going to support BJP party at today’s No Confidence Motion, in Parliament, by remaining remaining absenting itself, as it is abstaining from voting in favor of the government. The members of the Shiv Sena party met inside the Parliament, where they decided not to attend the motion and now their absence is going to create much difference in the majority held by the BJP party. Andhra Pradesh chief minister and TDP president N Chandrababu had asked for the support of other parties to instigate a No Confidence motion in Parliament because they believed that they current ruling government has not been able to fulfill the promise that it boasted about with the public.

Congress Leader, Rahul Gandhi is also going to speak in the session.  BJP’s Rakesh Singh is currently speaking in Lok Sabha, and said that the former Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh had promises that the minority communities had the foremost right for the resources of the country, but when Narendra Modi came into power he changed the perspective by giving much poorer population, thus making some difference for the welfare of the people.

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