Mohammed Shami speak about his Extra-Marital affair on Twitter

Mohammed Shami speak about his Extra-Marital affair on Twitter

Indian pace bowler, Mohammed Shami spoke about his extra-Marital affair on Twitter. Shami wrote a post over there by saying this,”All these things which are circulating about our personal marriage life is wrong. It is only a conspiracy, and someone is trying to debar my game through this act. After this tweet, the account of Hasin Jahan, where the screenshots and pictures had been uploaded had deactivated. Mohammed Shami who is currently playing for India A in Devdhar Trophy has been accused by his wife Hasin Jahan on social media about his extra-marital affair. “Everyone in their family used to torture me. His mother and brother used to abuse me. The tortures continued till 2-3 am in the morning. They even wanted to kill me,” alleges Jahan.

Indian pacer Shami, who plays for India in All three formats of Cricket has alleged on Social media with a Facebook account, which is registered by the name of his wife Hasin Jahan, posted some screenshot and vulgar chats and claimed that–it is Mohammed Shami, who has some extra-marital affair with prostitutes and other girls. The photos which were posted on Facebook account of Hasin Jahan are here:

Photo uploaded by Hasin Jahan Account, after some time account has been deactivated

Photo uploaded by Hasin Jahan’s Facebook Account, after some time account has been deactivated

Now, still, it is not cleared that is it true or not? Although No Police complained has been registered by Hasin Jahan till yet which means someone is trying to deflect the image of Mohammed Shami. As we all know that Shami has a great bowling record in World class cricket and most of the time he looks quiet on the field but in personal life, things are different from the field. The account has not confirmed yet, which means it is still suspensible that is it was an official account of Hasin Jahan or not? Both Shami and his wife were unavailable for comment.

Photos Uploaded on Facebook

Photos and ChatsUploaded on Facebook by Hasin Jahan Account 

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