Modi-Trump meet : Trump says PM Modi a true friend, Modi conveys thanks in return

Modi-Trump meet : Trump says PM Modi a true friend, Modi conveys thanks in return

Diplomacy is churning at its best for both United States and India, before the two leaders meet at 3:30 pm Eastern Time ( 1 AM IST , 27th June ) on 26th June. Trump known for his outspoken ways, In a welcoming message quoted Prime Minister of India as a true friend. Modi expressed his gratitude and thanked for the warm welcome.

United State President Trump tweeted using POTUS twitter handle , “Look forward to welcoming India’s PM Modi to on Monday. Important strategic issues to discuss with a true friend!”

Modi replied using his twitter handle, “Thank you for the warm personal welcome. Greatly look forward to my meeting and discussions with you

A senior White House official told reporters that that this is first official diplomatic dinner for President Trump especially arranged for PM Modi’s meet. The first face-to-face interaction between Mr Trump and PM Modi is expected to focus on Defense, Energy and possibly terrorism might be in the limelight. But analysts and strategist are speculating it more of a business meeting, where Trump and his administration might try to pitch India its defense products or proposal to setup Nuclear energy power plant to counter Russia’s presence in energy sector.

Trivial issues involving H1B visa row, Foreign hire restrictions and travel ban might take a miss. India is expected to raise and highlight “Pakistan Sponsored Terrorism” issue. PM Modi and team is expected to tread delicately as Trump can prove to be a rumbling mindless loose cannon ball, Considering middle east Qatar crisis speculated to be ignited after Trump’s Saudi Arabia visit.

Earlier Prime Minister of India , Shri Narendra Modi landed in Washington DC on 24th June 8.07 PM. Mr Modi tweeted PICS on arrival from his twitter handle.

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