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Mob Lynching in India; Trends on Google since 2015

Mob Lynching in India; Trends on Google since 2015

Mob lynching has become a searching-term in India which is appearing in the news channels and newspapers on every day. In this context, Google search trends in India are showing a new story about ‘Mob lynching’. When people started searching on this word, and when it was searched the most, and in which cities it searched the most, Google has all these figures. These figures make it clear that the July 2018 MOB is at the forefront of the search related to linking. This means that most searches were done on Google today for Mob Lynching. According to Google’s search trend, the search for Mob Lynching first time in March 2015.

This search started for this because in March 2015, an incident of mobs lynching from Dimapur of Nagaland came to light. In this incident, a crowd of 6 to 7 thousand people got beaten by a rape accused and beat him so much that he died. However, in the year 2011 Google also came to know about lynching, but its intensity was very low. After this ‘Mob lynching’ was done in September 2015. This was the time when most Indians heard this term for the first time. A man named Akhalak, in Dadri near Noida, was beaten to death by the mobs. The mob showed this ignorance without any doubt that Akhlakh’s house was confined. This was the first such incident of lynching in North India which not only spread the sensation in the world.

After this, the search has increased on lynching several times, but Google Trends suggests that most of the searches are currently being done with lynching. Since the end of May, a number of cases of lynching have surfaced one after another and in July this search is at the highest level of so far.

Who is Number 1 on Mob Lynching searches?

Most searches were done in Jharkhand for the keyword of ‘Mob Lynching’. Second is Assam. Uttarakhand is at number three and Uttar Pradesh is at number four and Haryana is at number five. Recently a man named Rakbar, who was living in Mewat in Haryana, was killed in Alwar, Rajasthan, in the belief of being a smuggler.

On July 1, the mobs Lynching in Dhule, Maharashtra, thrill the whole country, it was a matter which broke the government’s sleep on the massacre of the crowd. The government sent a notice to WhatsApp for the purpose of controlling the rumors to stop it. The Ministry of Home Affairs directed the states to stop such reductions. The Supreme Court has also rebuked the government for preventing the mobs’ lynchings and explained a complete model with the help of Center and the state, prevent these incidents.

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