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MNS and Congress workers clash erupts over hawker eviction at Dadar in Mumbai

MNS and Congress workers clash erupts over hawker eviction at Dadar in Mumbai

MNS-Congress clash again erupted over hawkers eviction in Mumbai today. As per the reports, in the Dadar area of Mumbai MNS and Congress worker again emanated clashes. The Congress stood aside hawkers after the MNS workers protested against the illegal fierce at the Mumbai railway station area. In this protest, MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) workers got serious injuries as the Congress workers have allegedly attacked the MNS workers. Since, the stampede over Elphinstone railway station of Mumbai that killed 23 people, the MNS workers have spread out against the hawkers occupying railway station and Elphinstone Road to driving away illegal vendors.

As per the reports, the Congress has directly hit the areas of the Dadar in Mumbai where MNS workers emerge over with honorary Marches for the hawkers in Malad. The clash has erupted the tensions between MNS and Congress workers. However, the police have intervened the situation to control both sides of the clash.

The march which held today in Dadar erupt major tensions between the MNS and Congress. The movement was led by the Congress MP Hussain Dalwai and former MP Eknath Gaikwad. And this time MNS and Congress activist came up with a huge fight. The MNS creates the ruckus in the Mumbai as the Congress joins hawkers protest today. And this led to call rapid action force. Also, the workers were detained by the police.

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