Mirzapur: 12 french tourists beaten by people, four arrests made

Mirzapur: 12 french tourists beaten by people, four arrests made

12 french tourists were beaten and abused by the local residents of Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. The tourists were just walking without disturbing anyone, when some of the male residents began to pass lewd and disrespectful comments on the female tourists in the group. The situation escalated quickly, as the women complained and tried to stop the miscreants from verbally harassing them, but then one of the member of the resident group went and called more people, who then proceeded to hit the tourists with lathis and and continued to verbally assault them. The tourists have also complained that the goons also threw stones at them.

8 people from the group have now been arrested while the police are still on the lookout for the other members who were involved in the assault on the tourists.

The tourists were traveling from Varanasi and reportedly hadn’t done anything to evoke such an extreme reaction from the locals. As the situation got out of hand, a person from the group lodged a complaint with the police and four people were arrested after that.

This isn’t the first incident of tourists being mishandled or assaulted by the Indian locals, as there was another situation last month in Agra, in which foreigners were violently assaulted when they had refused to take selfies or photographs with them.

The authorities have taken immdiate actions against the miscreants, and have issued a statement, stating that serious actions will be taken against the people who verbally and physically assaulted the foreign tourists. People have now criticzed the miscreants and the goons who did the rephrensible act of violation against woman and men, and have also condemned the authorities for not handling the issues seriously before, so that such conditions never arise afterwards. More details are awaited in the case, as the arrests are still being made.

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