Meerut Murder case, Major Nikhil Handa accused of murder of Shailza Dwivedi

Meerut Murder case, Major Nikhil Handa accused of murder of Shailza Dwivedi

An Indian Army major has been accused of murdering the wife of another officer, in Uttar Pradesh, Meerut. Her throat had been slit, and she was found in the Delhi Cantonment area.  Her name was Shailza Dwivedi, and she’d gone to attend a physiotherapy session at the Army Base Hospital in Delhi Cantonment, and was found dead on the road by people only half hour later. She never reached the hospital, according to the reports, as the driver who went to receive, was told that she hadn’t attended the session. The reports suggest that she got into another car, while her way to the hospital. The police got a phone call from people who had seen her body.

Major Nikhil Handa, is the name of the accused, and he is going to be brought to Delhi for further investigation on his involvement in the case. It has also been reported that the culpirt had crushed the face of the dead, so as to show the crime as if she had been mowed down by a vehicle. The police have also hinted that they might be in possession of solid clues that could be used to charge Nikhil with the murder of Shailza.

The murder is another instance of violence against women, and the extremity of it is only going to become more shocking as the details for the case are revealed in the investigation. Nikhil has not yet surrounded to the police, and will have to present in the court if the case goes on, and the police shows the evidence that it has against him to the jury. The case is also going to be scrutinized by the as it involves people from the defense field. It is possible that the case could come into the national media spotlight in coming days.


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