“I for I” which means India for Israel and Israel for India – PM Modi

“I for I” which means India for Israel and Israel for India – PM Modi

PM Modi is on three-day visit to Israel and arrived in Tel Aviv yesterday where he President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin at his residence. Modi thanked President Rivlin for his warm hospitality and friendship and said that “I for I, which means India for Israel and Israel for India.” While the Israeli Prime Minister greeted Modi by saying that we have waited 70-years for you

In the guest book at the President’s residence Modi wrote that “It is a privilege to meet President Rivlin again today. I fondly recall his visit to India last November when he charmed us with his affable manner and desire to do more with India.”

Meanwhile, Modi’s Israel visit is getting more media coverage in Europe and U.S. than his meeting with newly elected POTUS Donald Trump. The diplomatic ties between both the countries started in 1992. India purchase weapons from Israel at an average of 1 bollion dollar each year, India is Israel’s biggest arms buyer, both the countries are security partners of each other for more than a year. Radar killer missiles, synthetic aperture radar, ground sensors, assault rifles, laser-guided bombs, beyond visual range missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles have been bought by India from Israel.

India can learn a lot from Israel, Israel supports a one-third of its irrigation needs through desalination plants and reuses 80% of its water supply, and Modi is pretty impressed with the fact that how a nation that has less than 20 inches of rain each year. has turned into agriculture- and water-surplus state through technology. Because 60% of farmland of India depends upon rains.

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