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Mayawati suspends Anil Singh after Cross voting in Rajya Sabha

Mayawati suspends Anil Singh after Cross voting in Rajya Sabha

Bahujan Samaj Party Supremo Km. Mayawati suspended BSP MLA Anil Singh for allegations of cross-voting in Rajya Sabha Elections 2018, on Saturday. BSP MLA Anil Singh showed that he had cross-voted in favour of the BJP candidate in the Rajya Sabha polls. After casting his vote on Friday, Uttar Pradesh lawmaker Anil Kumar Singh, 37, said that he had cross-voted. “I am with Yogi Adityanath(Maharaj-Ji ),” he said. “I have voted for BJP, I don’t know about the rest,” declared Singh. Reports of cross-voting also emerged from Karnataka Rajya Sabha polls. Meanwhile, the Congress on Wednesday expelled eight legislators for violating the party’s whip and voting for BJP candidates in the elections to the Rajya Sabha. The party said it would suspend six more MLAs (Members of Legislative Assembly) in the days to come.

A day after cross-voting in Rajya Sabha polls, four JD(S) MLAs resign from Karnataka Assembly. BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan, R Akhanda Srinivasamurthy, N Chaluvaraya Swamy and Bheema Naik submitted their resignations to Assembly Speaker KB Koliwad at his residence. The MLAs are likely to join Congress in a day or two, said sources close to them.

The BJP now has nine Rajya Sabha seats from UP and Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party has taken one seat for its candidate Jaya Bachchan. Mayawati had the Samajwadi Party’s surplus votes as part of an arrangement in which the bitter contestants had teamed up to defeat the BJP in two castles earlier this month. The Congress gave seven votes. Akhilesh Yadav retained up his end of the contract, but it was not enough – dispiriting for an arrangement that had raised opposition hopes for a broader anti-BJP alliance ahead of the 2019 national polls.

Mayawati also said that she would support the Congress to defeat the BJP. “To keep out communal people, we have always supported the Congress at the centre. We have good relations with the Congress. All seven MLA’s of the Congress were remarkably honest in voting for us.”

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