Max Hospital’s license cancelled by Health Ministry

Max Hospital’s license cancelled by Health Ministry
Written by Abhishek Rana

The Health Ministry has cancelled the license of Max Hospital, Shalimargh Bagh, Delhi. The Health Minister, Satyendar Jain has said, ‘We have found negligence of hospital. This is not the only mistake. They are habitual offenders. So With the immediate effect we have cancelled the licence.” Max Hospital had been accused of gross negligence, when they announced a pair of twins dead, and packed them in plastic to be buried. One of the childern was alive, and the family discovered this as they were taking them to the graveyeard for a burial. The Grandfather of the children discovered a rustling in the plastic and when he looked, he was horrified that one of the child was alive. The doctor in charge of the case had been let go from his duties on a leave.

A panel formed of three doctors, formed to investigte the case of gross negligence found out that the doctor had neglected to perform an ECG on the Twins, thus, they had been announced dead without even taking the essential steps in the process of declaring a new born infant, dead.

The Health Ministry has found the Hospital guilty and has also stated that it has also been responsible for past negligence and the strict decision was based on its history.

The decision will be on effect immediately and will cause the Hospital to let go of the staff and doctors; stop practicing medicine in any way imaginable. It hasn’t been reported if the Doctor responsible for the case will be facing the same charges as a representative from the Hospital has yet to comment on the situation.

The actions taken by the Panel ans the Health Ministry are indeed admirable and will be an example for any establishment that neglects the situation of the patients in its care.

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