Max Hospital, shalimar bagh resumes practice today after obtaining stay

Max Hospital, shalimar bagh resumes practice today after obtaining stay
Written by Abhishek Rana

Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh will be resuming its practice today, after it succeeded in obtaining a stay on its cancellation order by the appellate authorities. Max Hospital’s license had been cancelled by the central government on the basis of gross negligence in the case of twin, who were both declared dead, but as it was later discovered, one of them had been alive all the while. The cancellation was done because Max Hospital had failed to follow the protocol, which meant that they had to perform an ECG procedure on both of the children, and confirm that they were indeed dead. However, the babies were just packed in a plastic and given to the parents to bury.

But, as their grandfather was taking the babies to the graveyard, when he heard a rustling in the plastic, and discovered that one of the child was alive. The child was then rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Max hospital has recieved extreme criticism for its negligence, and a panel of three doctor was organized to investigate the case, after which it was discovered that the Doctor on the case for the children had failed to follow the given procedure that is essential for every case in which a child is declared dead.

The backlash was so severe that the government decided to cancel the license of the hospital, but the officials reached the appellate authorities, which put a stay on the order, thus allowing the hospital to resume its services.

Previously, even Arvind Kejrival had criticized the actions taken by Max Hospital, “Delhi government is not against private hospitals and is fully aware of their importance. But Max hospital left us with no option other than to take action. This is not happened first time. Such kind of erroneous act was done by the hospital on many occasions in the past too.” he had commented on the issue.

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