Massive fire burns down a Hotel in Lucknow

Massive fire burns down a Hotel in Lucknow

Hotel Viraat International, situated in the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow was engulfed in a massive fire on Tuesday morning. Two were reported dead in the fire and other three are seriously injured. The hotel was situated in the Charbaagh area, near the main railway station of Lucknow. The fire spread fast and in no time the whole hotel was engulfed in flames. Due to its nearness to the railway station the Charbaagh area is always teeming with people.

The raging inferno was so immense that it took a the firefighters over two hours to control it. The flames took the SSJ International hotel which is besides the Viraat International hotel under its influence. Both the hotels suffered massive damage due to the fire. Several firefighter trucks arrived at the location of the incident and the firefighters controlled the fire with much difficulty. The rescue operation has been ended and all the people inside the hotel have been rescued safely.

More than a dozen firefighters reached the hotel after the news of the fire. According to the reports an explosion inside the hotel caused the fire and soon it spread all around the hotel. The explosion was caused by a short circuit in the hotel’s electrical system or not is yet to be known. The injured have been taken to a nearby hospital’s trauma center.

SSP Deepak has taken charge of the situation. According to him around 05:30am smoke emerged from the hotel and the police were informed around 06:05am. He said that the fire might be caused by short circuit and the police will inquire the matter further. Around 30-40 people were inside the hotel and they have been rescued. The search operation continues on to locate and rescue any other injured. According to the SSP the fire started in the basement of the hotel and spread to upper floors. The hotel’s management has not come up yet to take responsibility so it is being said that there was some sort of negligence on the management’s part.

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