Massive fire broke out in 16 godowns at Sagar Complex, Bhiwandi

Massive fire broke out in 16 godowns at Sagar Complex, Bhiwandi
Written by Shilpi Gupta

On Wednesday morning a tragic incidence occurred in Bhiwandi, a massive fire broke out in a godown, and quickly spread to more than a dozen of the godown, in Dapode area. The fire broke out in one of the godowns located at Sagar Complex in Ovali Village, which is located near to Mankoli, in Bhiwandi around 10 am. The fire spread only within minutes and fired around 16 godown and other warehouses located nearby. Reportedly, the fire broke out due to a short circuit, however, the actual cause is still not confirmed, said fire officer.

These warehouses which are located at Sagar Complex are said to have stocked plastic, wood, chemicals and other raw materials due to which the fire immediately spread all around. It has been also reported that 12 fire brigades are carrying out this fire-fighting operation also the police and other emergency vehicles are on standby.

At least 50 people have been rescued from the warehouses till now. The operations are getting difficult due to fire and smoke and fire officers are saying, It may take time to douse the blaze completely.

Other then this, in last decade, the Bhiwandi has even witnessed a surge in the number of illegal godowns.

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