Mann Ki Baat: Narendra Modi talks about female empowerment and their achievements

Mann Ki Baat: Narendra Modi talks about female empowerment and their achievements
Written by Abhishek Rana

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, addressed the nation’s citizen for the first time in the new year, through his radio show, Mann Ki Baat. The show was, as usual, broadcast on All India Radio (AIR), Doordarshan as well as  on the Narendra Modi mobile application. He talked about the celebrations of the Republic Day across the nation, and how he admires the way in which Indian women are excelling in their fields, giving special mention to the late Kalpana Chawala for inspiring women all over the world with her abilities and courage. He also said that the progress of the nation is only possible if women are given equal rights and opportunities like men, citing the Sanskrit manuscripts and the importance of a female child in a family.

He talked about the Matunga Railway station, in which all officials are women, and said that is commendable and a very progressive step toward the empowerment of women. He devoted most of the air time talking about Women’s achievements, like those who are operating E-Rickshaws in Dantewada in Chhattisgarh, even as it is a place that is plagued by the Maoists. He told the audiences that such opportunities are being created for women to stand shoulder to shoulder with men.

Speaking about Bihar, he stated that a human chain was made to show the evils of Dowry and of Child marriage in the state. Modi also promoted Jan Aushadhi Kendra on the show, and how the expenses for the medicines have been reduced. He talked about the importance of Padma Awards, and how they are presented to those who have achieved so much in their lives by helping the transformation of the nation. Lastly, he spoke about the Punya Tithi of Bapu that is celebrated on 30 January 2018,and that peace and non-violence is what Bapu taught everyone.


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