Malegaon Blast: Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Colonel Purohit will not be charge under Organised Crime Law

Malegaon Blast: Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Colonel Purohit will not be charge under Organised Crime Law

Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Colonel Purohit, who were accused of terrorism in the 2008 Malegaon blast, are not going to be charged in under the strict law of Organized Crime, which should be a relief for them. The charges that were labeled against them and six other people were dropped by a special National Investigating Agency court, which had to be tied with the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act, 1999. The terrorist act, which took place in 2008 occurred in September 29, 2008 Malegaon, Maharashtra took the lives of seven people as two bombs that had been planted on a motorcycle exploded. 100 people were injured in the attack.

Lt Col Purohit was let go from the prison in August earlier this year, after having spent nine years. The main reason for the release of both of the accused seems to be that there are some  “material contradictions” in charge-sheets that were provided by the Maharashtra’s Anti-Terror Squad, which had investigated the case initially, and the National Investigation Agency, which had taken over the case in 2011.

While Sadhvi Pragya has been accused of planning the attack in the village, Purohit has been accused of being in the influence of a terrorist group, Abhinav Bharat, and procuring funds that helped them to buy materials that would be used in the building of the bombs and other explosives.

The decision is certainly a relief for both of them, although the case is still going to continue and its possible that they still could be convicted of the crimes. It would be crucial as to how the evidence is produced against them in the court and if they’re convicted, under which law will they be punished. For now, there is sometime to think, until the case is again presented to the court later on.

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