Mahatma Gandhi statue defaced in Kannur, Kerala, B R Ambedkar’s statue smeared with paint

Mahatma Gandhi statue defaced in Kannur, Kerala, B R Ambedkar’s statue smeared with paint

The statue of Mahatma Gandhi was damaged in Thaliparamba area, Kannur, Kerala. This is another shocking incident of defacement of idols, that began after Lenin’s statue was bulldozed in Tripura after BJP’s win in the state. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had already warned that strict action is going to be taken against the offenders. The goons who defaced the statue actually broke the spectacles that had been on Gandhi’s face. None of them have been identified or arrested by the authorities. The objectionable actions by people have shocked many, as they arose from one isolated incident and have now overtaken the south with other reports of statues of Indian idols getting vandalized.

The police authorities are looking for someone in a saffron lungi. Another disturbing instance of vandals overstepping their bounds was when some of them smeared red pain on the statue of BR Ambedkar, Wednesday night. Other statues that have been vandalized since Monday have been,  Periyar and Syama Prasad Mookerjee in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal respectively.

The centre government have condemned the actions from the goons, and the driver of the crane that tore down Lenin’s statue has also been arrested. On social media, the actions from every goon have been criticized but the incidents have also become political too, with opposing parties pointing fingers at each other for the crimes. There have been no major arrests in the cases, just the people who were too visible to have been overlooked. But, it seems that the goons will not be spared with a light warning if they continue defacing the property of India since Modi has also expressed his anger at the incidents.

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