Mahatma Gandhi death Anniversary

Mahatma Gandhi death Anniversary

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, or Mahatma Gandhi, also known as Bapu, was one of the eminent freedom fighters of India, and who was leader of the Indian Independence Movement against the British empire. His belief in Civil Disobedience was crucial in accumulating strength of the population and rallying behind the cause of freedom. He was born on October 2 1992, to a Gujarati Merchant family, Gandhi, also acquired a law degree from the Indian Temple, London. He worked as an expatriate lawyer in South Africa, and it was there that he began to practice Non-violence as a way to protest against the injustices of the society. When he came back to Indian in 1915, he began his long struggle to unite the common citizen of the nation, from peasants to farmers and laborers in the fight against the British empire’s hold over the nation.

Mahatma Gandhi’s efforts bore fruit, and India achieved freedom in August 15 1947. He was assassinated by Hindu Nationalist, Nathuram Gode on 30 January 1948. Even after his death, Gandhi’s ideologies became popular all across the world, with freedom fighters and revolutionaries quoting his lines and reading his books to understand about his views on Non-violence, the tenacity of the human city and the importance to treat everyone equally. During the British Raj, he also urged people to be self sufficient, another way of civil disobedience, in which he asked people to wear khadi clothes that they should make themselves and not buy the commodities that will promote and give money to the British rulers.

On his Death Anniversary, it is important to acknowledge how important he was to the country, and because of him, so many leaders have understood how to protest, and fight for what is theirs, even when not giving up their dignity.

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