Madras High Court bans the hoardings at the traffic junctions in Tamil Nadu

Madras High Court bans the hoardings at the traffic junctions in Tamil Nadu
Written by Ria Maheshwari

The ratio of accidents in cities and states are increasing day by day and to prevent them, Tamil Nadu government has banned the use of hoardings at the traffic signals. This came in after accidents were reported due to hoardings and big banner advertisements. As the Madras High Court has banned the use of advertisement or hoardings or banners at the major traffic signals. According to the government, the court stated that these banners and hoardings bring inconvenience to the common man and leads to accidents then. This is a big development here as the Madras high court is putting a ban on the use of advertisement and large hoardings over the major traffic junctions, which are basically distractions for the person driving.
The ban is only in the state of Tamil Nadu as per the Madras High court. This came to light after a heavy amount of hoardings and advertisements became the major distractions for the general people. As the huge cut out of the advertisements at the traffic signals were creating a lot of inconvenience for the general public.
Also, a large number of cases were filed after the major distraction because of hoardings, big banners, billboards and advertisement over the traffic signals. So now the step has been taken by the Madras High Court to ban the use of such things over all the traffic junctions in Tamil Nadu. But we hope this helps well for the safety of general public.

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