Lucknow, Kakori blast, two dead in a house explosion

Lucknow, Kakori blast, two dead in a house explosion

A blast that took place in Kakori region in Luknow claimed the lives of two people. The explosion took place inside a house, and reports have yet to suggest the reason of the blast. People are still reportedly buried in the rubble as the house came crashing down, and there is only concrete and dust visible. The Uttar Pradesh Police have reached the spot and are helping in clearing up the debris. The on-lookers and people who live nearby have also come down to help the in trying to help the wounded. Even the reason behind the blast aren’t yet specified, some sources suggests that the house was a makeshift cracker explosive making company.

The house belonged to one Sanjay Lodhi and he had reportedly rented it to Naseer, who is a resident of Fareedpur. He used to live in the house with his wife. The photos from the site show the devastated house, which looks as if earth quake rocked it. It is difficult to discern how deep people have been buried, and how much injury they might have suffered. The houses that were set around the site of explosion also had to take the damage because of the impact, however, no one was injured.

The police has reported that the bodies of the people were blown to pieces because of the ferocity and the impact of the explosion, which has made it difficult to identify them as of yet. Six people were injured in the accident. The villagers have reported to the police that the husband and wife were inside the house when the explosion too place. It is always dangerous to manufacture explosives in vulnerable places like a house, which doesn’t have any sort of security and guidelines that are meant for the factories, such actions are prohibited by the government, but still take place around the country.

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