Have a look at the World’s first Hanging Bridge in Gujarat

Have a look at the World’s first Hanging Bridge in Gujarat
Written by Pallavi Parmar

A bridge collapsed near Naliya in Gujarat because of heavy rainfall and no injuries were reported yet. A bridge located on Mandavi Highway near Bhanada where Duster car stuck and suffered damage. It was passing over a bridge during the time of the collapse. Many people posted pictures on Twitter and Facebook with a comment on government’s negligence. Saral Patel a 22-year-old student from Gujarat posted an image of a collapsed bridge on his twitter account where he wrote “Worlds first Hanging Bridge unveiled by BJP near Naliya, Kutch in Vibrant Gujarat. But Haters will say this bridge has collapsed.” Gujarat is the state which usually affected by flood or it is a flood-prone area. According to this government have to keep an eye on the construction of bridge and highways so that innocents people will not suffer from injuries. Although this time no one gets hurt still it is a huge collapse.

Earlier also during monsoon season, Gujarat is wrecked with heavy rainfall which affected the lives of many. And on 7 March 2017 Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 1.4 extra dose cable bridge on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai National Highway. He said that he dedicated the four-lane extrados bridge over the Narmada at Bharuch on National Highway 8. This is reported to be the longest bridge in the country.It took two years to complete. Just have a look at this bridge of Gujarat which collapsed due to heavy rainfall.

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