Lohri, time to feast around the Bonfire with family and friends.

Lohri, time to feast around the Bonfire with family and friends.
Written by Ria Maheshwari

Lohri, one of the richest festival to celebrate the warmth of the winter harvest. With the onset of new years, winter harvest commencement festivals start falling in the calendar. Celebrated across the country, but majorly in Punjab and Haryana, the Lohri festival keeps its warmth owing to its bonfire celebration.
This auspicious festival is celebrated with the huge bonfire lit consisting of family and friends enjoying the feast with the singing and the dancing folks. The huge bonfire is lit outside the harvested field or the front yard of the house, where people gather and enjoy their time. Celebrated every year on 13th January, with much joy and enthusiasm, with the people in the family orbits(parikrama) around the fire. After the parikrama, people each other wish for good health and exchange gifts. The folk dance, Bhangra, and gidda are performed by the family people in order to rejoice the festivity of Lohri.

The important and the most interesting thing about the festival Lohri is the traditional food that makes the festival even better. This is followed by the folk food of Punjab i.e. Makki-di-roti and Sarson-da-saag, and some other delicacies which people eat with utmost love. Also, the tradition includes eating popcorn, popularly known as phulle, peanuts, puffed rice, til laddoos, gajak. This festival of warmth is all about hoping great harvest for the coming year along with prosperity and healthy life with the welcome of the new year. Wishing you a very happy Lohri.

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