Greater Noida building collapse today, Police arrested 3 builders

Greater Noida building collapse today, Police arrested 3 builders

Greater Noida’s Shah Beri village building collapse today, NDRF engaged in rescue Operation: A painful incident occurred in the Greater Noida area of Uttar Pradesh near the capital Delhi. The old built building fell on an under-construction building here. This incident is reported to have died many people. At the same time, many people are feared to be buried in the debris. The administration and the NDRF team are engaged in rescue operations. This incident is at 9 o’clock last night. The incident happened in Shahberi village of Noida Extension. This is the same village where a few years ago farmers had made a big movement against land acquisition. Due to the narrow streets on the accident site, there is a problem in relief and rescue work.

LIVE Updates of Greater Noida building collapse today

  • Uttar Pradesh Police have arrested three builders including Sharan Dwivedi, in connection with the collapse of two six-story buildings in Greater Noida.
  • The team of NDRF and ITBP is engaged in rescue work. According to local people, a building was completely constructed, in which 10-12 families were living. The second building was under construction, on which the second building fell on the accident.
  • There are still 30 to 35 people buried in the debris. The NDRF team says that there is less hope of survival of people trapped in debris.
  • CM Yogi Adityanath tweeted on the news of building collapses. CM Yogi has ordered every possible help and treatment of the injured persons on time.
  • Regional MP and Union Minister Mahesh Sharma, along with all the senior officials, immediately reached the spot. NDFF is searching for people buried in a wreck with the help of Dog Squad. Do not know why the building has fallen. The police department also finding the builder.
  • This village is located behind the Gaur city in Noida Extension. The crossing is separated between Republic and Gour City. The farmers here had a peasant movement against land acquisition. They were being sold illegally by making a flat in Shahberry. Illegal construction is being done despite the ban in this village.
  • This village was acquired by GNOIDA. The Supreme Court canceled the acquisition of this village. After which many builders had to cancel the project and many people shifted their project from here. Noida Authority banned construction work in the area. In spite of a large number of illegal constructions are being done here despite the ban.
  • Private builders made buildings with land from farmers to earn profits. It is being told that the poor material used in the flats being built in this area has been used.
  • after Greater Noida’s building collapse today SSP Ajay Pal Sharma said that some people related to the building have been taken into custody. NDRF teams are engaged in rescue operations. So far, two bodies have been removed from the debris.

According to the local people, there were about 10-12 families living in two buildings which were completely constructed. The other building was under construction, in which the workers were working. Builder’s hoarding has been removed overnight from the accident site. Now, who is responsible for Greater Noida building collapse today, because 3 people have found dead and many bodies are being to be covered.

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