A little rain brings the Delhi Pollution down, lowest for the entire month

A little rain brings the Delhi Pollution down, lowest for the entire month

Delhi was able to breathe a little better this morning, as a little drizzle helped to burn away the smog and bring down the hazardous level of pollution to breathable. Based on the AQI numbers, the air in the capital can be described as being poor, standing at 298. This can be considered an improvement from the hazardous conditions that were prevalent over the month. The last time the air condition came close to being breathable, was on 16 November, when the AQI dipped to 300, before rising back to dangerous level. Noida had an AQI of  274, whereas Gurgaon had 299 and Faridabad a, 288.

This isn’t an ideal condition, but it is still a relief from the previous conditions, and will give the authorities some space to implement major schemes to keep the pollution under control. Only yesterday, the National Green Tribunal banned parking in Sarojini Nagar Market, so there’s already efforts being made to counter this situation.

“While PM10 levels have dropped to moderate category, PM2.5 levels were still in the very poor category,” D Saha, the head of the Air Moderating Lab had commented.

Indeed, the air is still poor for breathing, but at least some relief from the Hazardous conditions that at one point seemed were not going to go back to normal again.

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